All The Beautiful People by Jonathan Yanez is Out Now!

30849685Taylor Hart has one job—she’s a cleaner for the largest pharmaceutical company in the world. But cleaning doesn’t mean mopping floors…

Taylor cleans up illegal messes Lazarus Pharmaceuticals creates, making sure their atrocities are never discovered by the public. But when their latest multi-trillion-dollar drug goes terribly wrong, not even Taylor can keep the fallout in check.

Vanidrum was supposed to be a miracle drug to drive away mankind’s inner demons—but it’s managed to achieve the opposite effect…

Paid to look the other way, Taylor can’t ignore the spreading epidemic. Rather than cure anxiety and depression, Vanidrum has caused the very darkest part of human nature to push though to the surface.

While infected maniacs spread the virus, Taylor and her team fight for survival…

Forced to a secluded lab hidden in the tundra of Alaska, an elite group of scientists works to find a cure. In a world infested with violent creatures spreading humanity’s darkness, no one is safe.

It isn’t until Taylor herself falls victim to the threat that she discovers her connection to this darkness runs far deeper than she’d ever imagined.

Can Taylor and the surviving scientists bring humanity back from the edge of extinction? Or will they be forced to watch as the darkness inside mankind consumes…

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To give this story a honest review I have to start by saying what a bloody good read this story is. I absolutely loved the book from start to finish and ended up reading it in just a few hours because once I started I couldn’t put it down.

“Taylor Hart has one job—she’s a cleaner for the largest pharmaceutical company in the world. But cleaning doesn’t mean mopping floors…”

The story starts on Taylor’s latest job and what turns out the be one of the first outbreaks of The Darkness. Some may say that this story is yet another “zombie” outbreak story but it is so much more than that as people are turned by a drug that is meant to cure anxiety and depression but instead brings out the very darkest part of human nature. After her latest job things just start getting worse and worse as Taylor tries to avoid standing on anyone’s toes, not helped by her operator Jason who wants to know exactly what is going on. Can the light fight the darkness and overcome the end of the world.

Jonathan Yanez is a new author to me but I will definitely be reading more of his stories in the future and I definitely can not wait till the second story in this series as I want to know more about these wonderful characters!


6928878Jonathan Yanez is the author of over a dozen fantasy and science fiction novels. His works include, The Elite Series, The Nephilim Chronicles, Thrive, Bad Land, Steam and Shadows and The DeCadia Code. He has been both traditionally and independently published with his works being adapted into; ebook, print, audiobook and even optioned for film.

Although writing has been and will always be his main love, physical exercise comes in at a close second. When he’s not writing his next novel that more than likely includes some kind of zombie, superhero, angel or alternative steampunk universe he enjoys running with his Husky and working out at the gym.

His hobbies include archery, mud runs, collecting the skulls of his enemies and baking cupcakes. He lives in Southern California with his wife and two pets where he stays highly caffeinated 24/7.



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