What the Frack is Helena Hunting’s Pucked Under?

Pucked Under is a Pucked Series sequel featuring the couple most likely to be found getting it on in a public bathroom.

puckedunderRandy Ballistic and Lily LeBlanc are head-over-heels, bed-breakingly, screaming orgasmically in love. But even they have their challenges, mostly outside of the bedroom.
With the off-season coming to a close and the boys gearing up for training camp, one more weekend of fun is the best way to welcome the new season.
The entire crew piles into vehicles and drives to Alex and Violet’s Chicago cottage for a few days of relaxation—and hopefully a chance for Randy to shake the anxiety that’s been plaguing him.
Accidental wardrobe malfunctions, typical Violet inspired overshares, and a whole lot of private time round out the perfect weekend getaway.
But the moment they return to the city all of Randy’s angst resurfaces with the arrival of a surprise houseguest.


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Randy & Lily became firm favourites of mine in Pucked Over so this ‘Where Are They Now’ extension of their story was devoured in one sitting.

After a fun break away before the new season starts for Randy and the guys, he and Lily arrive at his house to find he has an unwanted house guest. Randy Sr, is everything Randy doesn’t want to be but fears is part of his DNA. Sr is the biggest kind of mysogynistic a-hole you can imagine. He’s messy, a scrounger, a drunk and thinks all women are good for only one thing and makes sure Lily knows this. I loved having someone to hate on.

Randy has a lot to deal with in this novella/outtake/book thingy of 50k words. Jealousy, love, insecurity, the infamous Area 51! If you loved him in Pucked Over, you’ll adore him in this. He seemed so, fragile and Lily is his perfect partner.

Two things, the cover. It’s a beauty and looks just how I imagined Lily. The rest of the gang – all here as always. Where would the series be without Violet and her lack of filter?

Pucked Under is as sexy and funny as the rest of the series with a little serious angst thrown in for good measure. Anyone who loves Helena’s books will be nuts to skip reading this one.

5 stars



Pucked Under is part of “Where Are They Now” iBooks feature, where authors revisit one of their favorite series couples and share with readers what’s happening in their lives now. Randy and Lily were begging to jump back on the page, and I was more than happy to give them some time to roll around in bed, and bathrooms, and wherever really.

As part of the “Where are they now” feature, Pucked Under will launch as an ebook only on iBooks, but don’t worry, you’ll be able to get Pucked Under on all platforms, and in all formats (eBook, Print and audio) on October 10th.

You’ll be able to preorder the print version as of August 8th and Helena Hunting will have copies available at both the Orlando and Philadephia signings this fall, as well as at the London, Ontario signing for her Canadian readers.

RELEASE/PREORDER DATES (for all other digital/print and audio platforms):

Releases on all platforms: October 10th, 2016
Print Preorder: August 8th
Audiobook: TBA

There will not be a preorder for the Pucked Under ebook on all other platforms.
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Is Pucked Under a novella?

At 50 000 words, Pucked Under is a short novel. As it is a sequel, it’s best read after Pucked Over.


A collection of outtakes, deleted scenes, and cut chapters from your favorite Pucked Series characters.

From Pucked: An Area 51 breach on the kitchen table that was cut from the final draft, plus a holiday outtake showcasing Violet’s exemplary Super MC costume design skills.

From Pucked Up: Discover just how bad poor Miller “Buck” Butterson’s lukc really is in these deleted chapters, and fall even more in love with the snuggly, reformed manwhore.

From Pucked Over: Revisit the sexiest, horniest and most prolifically active couple with outtakes and alternative POV’s from Randy Ballistic.

From Forever Pucked: Check out a never before seen outtake, in which Violet defends her Area 51 position, and get a sneak peek at the first chapter of the Pucked sequel.


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Area 51 contains outtakes from the Pucked series that didn’t make the final cut. From Christmas to Valentines, Pucked, Pucked Up and Over, you’ll find a bit of everything in here.

A brilliant addition to the series. Some outtakes might answer questions you may have had but most are just fun to read.


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