First Look at Tim Burtons ‘Miss Peregrine’

When Tim Burton makes a movie, we all know that we’re guaranteed all things weird and wonderful… and usually Johnny Depp but this is an exception.

Asa Butterfield plays Jake in Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, a 16-year-old plagued by nightmares following a family tragedy. Following advice from his therapist, the teenager embarks on an overseas journey to find the abandoned orphanage where his late grandfather claims to have once lived. Not only does the place turn out to be real, it also serves as the gateway to an alternate realm where children with strange powers are looked after by a magical guardian (Eva Green) and time moves of its own accord.

A UK date is as of yet unknown but due for a 30th September 2016 release in the US, the movie is adapted from Ransom Riggs’ hit 2011 novel, which was inspired, in part, by otherworldly vintage photographs that the author collected at flea markets and included in the book. Burton shared that he, too, found inspiration in those images.

“They’re quite compelling,” Burton says. “They remind me of old horror movies, or dreams.”

Eva Green’s character, Miss Peregrine, is a shape-shifter known as an ymbryne. She protects her charges (called peculiars) from hungry monsters known as hollows.

“She’s like a scary Mary Poppins, and she can turn into a bird,” Burton says.

“It was nice to shoot on location, to be connected to a place and geography while having people actually floating, as opposed to doing it all digitally,” Burton says of the production, which counted Florida, Belgium, and Cornwall county in the south of England among its locales.

Also starring in the movie are Lauren McCrostie, Pixie Davies, Rupert Everett, Judi Dench and Samuel L Jackson.

Watch this space for a trailer.



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