Beyond Books Exclusive Author Spotlight: Jennifer Weiser

JenniferWJennifer Weiser is a young adult author who has always been a book nerd and a bit chocolate obsessed. Writing has always been a favorite escape, but quickly became a passion not long after the birth of her daughter. When she isn’t combing the shelves of her local book stores or blogging about newest book obsessions, you can find her nestled in her nook creating worlds she hopes that one day will inspire her daughter, who not only has given her the courage to follow her dreams–but offers the inspirations that help color their worlds together.

Beyond Books: Hi Jennifer, thank you for taking part in our author spotlight. So tell us a little bit about yourself?
Jennifer Weiser: Hi, everyone! Beyond Books thank you so much for having me! I’m thrilled to be here today and feel I should fair warn everyone that I’m easily excitable and love to use the word awesome in almost every sentence. I’m a young adult author by day, mom by night. I’m a book nerd, chocolate obsessed and find stalking the shelves of B&N on a weekly basis to be a fantastic pastime.

BB: What inspires you?
JW: My daughter. Every day, I watch as she grows a little older and a little wiser. It amazes me all that she is and knows and she’s not even six yet. She gives me the courage to keep moving forward even when self-doubt rubs its ugliness all over me. Her excitement, enthusiasm and continued belief in me, helps get me motivated to write that next novel.

BB: What are you working on at the moment and what can you tell us about it?
JW: Currently, I am working on book two of The Descendants Series and am very excited to say that it will lead into some unforgettable romances, dark deceptions, witty banter and of course a race against time. Book one left with a pretty big cliff hanger and I think in book two, readers will be pleased to discover some of the answers to that cliff hanger.

BB: What genres do you write and are there any genres you would like to write?
JW: I write YA paranormal, but I love all YA and would love to publish YA contemporary and fantasy. Those are some of my 2016 goals.

BB: When did you first realise you wanted to become a writer?
JW: I’ve always wanted to be a writer. In college I wanted to major in Literary Arts—but my adviser encouraged me to go the business route. What a waste that was! Sorry Mom and Dad! Though I didn’t actually sit down and write a complete novel until after the birth of my daughter. It was her that encouraged me to open myself up to the possibility that I could be anything. From the very start, I’ve always wanted her to believe in herself and I wanted to be a role model that as she grew, she would begin to understand that if you want something bad enough and you believe in yourself, the possibilities are endless. So, with that frame of mind, I sat down one brisk, cold February morning and started writing and didn’t stop until the book was completed in June.

BB: What is your favourite book?
JW: Just one? 😉 I have so many! But my go to book when everything around me needs a pick-me-up is The Selection by Kiera Cass. The books gets me every time! Oh the feels!!


BB: We were so excited when we heard Warner Bros. had won the film rights for Kiera Cass’ The Selection, so tell us what is your favourite movie?
JW: Old time classic: Hocus Pocus

Never gets old no matter how many times I’ve seen it: The Hunger Games

Favorite/favorite: Harry Potter

BB: What do you do when you’re not writing?
JW: Read. Catch up on laundry that’s piled to the ceiling. Cook for my husband and daughter so they are getting key nutrients they aren’t getting from pizza. Maybe clean the house…if it’s feeling lucky. And shop for more books, because when you’re a book hoarder you can never have too many.

BB: Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?
JW: There are going to be moments, where a little voice inside you will think, “I’m never going to get published.” My advice, pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. Keep pushing forward, keep reaching for the stars, keep writing and before you know it, that book that little didn’t think would be published, will be. Don’t give up on yourself!

BB: What book are you reading at the moment?
JW: These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner — Amazing, by the way. Simply stunning!


BB: What do you think makes your books stand out from the crowd?
JW: That’s a really tough question. 🙂 There are so many incredible books out there and each one as an element that opens a new door for readers. I don’t truly know if there is one element that makes The Touched stand out from other books, but I believe it appeals to any reader who enjoy magical elements with a mix of X-Men like qualities. Romance, deception and betrayal are all key elements in the book making it a little bit of a fun and intense journey, one I hope that connects with readers.

BB: Describe your writing style in ten words or less.
JW: Not scripted, outlined or planned. I allow it to flow.

BB: Do you have a favourite character in your books?
JW: It’s so wrong of me to admit the truth, but yes. I have a soft spot for Carter and he totally knows it. I want to say it’s because his character was the last to be developed and as he came about he totally became a character I wasn’t planning on writing, but as I got to his story, I just couldn’t keep away from him. Of course, that now goes to his ego, which makes working with him at times a bit difficult.

BB: Tea or coffee? And how do you take it?
JW: I’m such a tea girl—but I take it without anything. No sugar, cream, milk or honey. I once tried coffee, and I swore never to do it again. I’m pretty sure that one sip totally stumped my growth and kept me at the short status of 5 foot 2.


BB: Do you have any pets?
JW: I have a fur baby, TyTy, who is a little black and white house cat, who loves to be cuddled, fed treats and impatient at breakfast and dinner time. He’s a darling when he wants to be and a complete terror the next—but we love him, even if he’s sometimes a little wild.

BB: Who or what has made the biggest influence on your life?
JW: Books. There’s nothing quite like getting lost in the pages of a wild, intricate story. Books harvest our imaginations, keep our hearts full and offer places we never truly believed we could go. A good book will last with you forever and for me, that’s what they’ve done.

BB: If you were invited to the Oscars, who would you take with you?
JW: My sister—she’s into the red carpet and the stars. She would absolutely rip a ticket out of my hand if I offered it.

BB: If you could be any animal what would it be?
JW: I love this question! I’ve always wanted to be a house cat. To be lazy, a little overweight, furry and cute would be awesome. Not to mention sleeping most of the day and prowling at night, keeping my humans awake as I bat my catnip mouse around their bed—very much like my own does now—would be life if you ask me.

BB: Which is the best Chris – Pine, Pratt, Evans or Hemsworth?
JW: Oh my gosh, lol, I love them all, but…my love truly lies with Chris Hemsworth. He’s so swoon-worthy with those eyes of his and that accent…so yummy!

Chris Hemsworth

BB: And finally what are you most looking forward to in 2016?
JW: I’m looking forward to attending BEA this year for the first time. I’m a huge book nerd and the line up of attending authors and industry professionals has me so excited. I feel like a kid on Christmas whenever I think about it! I have a feeling I’ll be fangirling and doe-eyed for most of the week. It would be wrong of me not to mention that book two of The Descendants Series will also be making its debut this year as well as hopefully book three. I also have my first author signing event in August with a great line up of authors that I’m thrilled to be taking part in. All and all, I have high expectations for 2016. 🙂

Thank you so much Beyond Books for hosting me on your blog! I loved your questions! I had a great time! Thank you again!! xo—Jenn

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JWTouchedThe first sixteen years of Arabella Penthallow’s life have been a lie…

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Carter Decker has vowed to burn Union City to the ground…

Midnight City’s cocky, infamous bad boy always gets what he wants, and he wants Union City to pay for burning his mother alive because she was Touched. When Carter meets Ara, she is everything he’s been taught to hate. Then he learns she is Touched—just like him—he isn’t sure who he hates more…the Touched girl whose father killed his mother, or himself for being tempted by someone he’s sworn to kill.

They are told they’re fated to be soul mates…and they each wish the other never existed.

When Midnight City is attacked by Union City, Carter and Arabella will do the unthinkable…even if it means falling for the enemy. The truth lies in Arabella’s home nation, and Tove is waiting. Soul mates or not, he has an advantage Carter doesn’t, fated souls be damned.

War is coming…and Ara is the prize.

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