Beyond Books Exclusive Author Spotlight: Elizabeth Morgan

Elizabeth Morgan is a multi-published author of urban fantasy, paranormal, erotic horror, f/f, and contemporary; all with a degree of romance, a dose of action and a hit of sarcasm, sizzle or blood, but you can be sure that no matter what the genre, Elizabeth always manages to give a unique and often humorous spin to her stories.

Like her tagline says; A pick ‘n’ mix genre author. “I’m not greedy. I just like variety.”

Away from the computer, Elizabeth can be found in the garden trying hard not to kill her plants, dancing around her little cottage with the radio on while she cleans, watching movies or good television programmes – Dr Who? Atlantis? The Musketeers? Poldark? American Horror Story? Heck, yes! – Or curled up with her two cats reading a book.

Beyond Books: Tell us a little bit about yourself?
Elizabeth Morgan: Hello, my name is Elizabeth Morgan and I am a multi-published author, have been since 2011. I write a range of genres, which you will discover below. I live in a terraced cottage in Cheshire, UK with my two black cats. I entered this world wanting to be an actress, a desire that hasn’t died even though it has been almost ten years since I have performance. I love theatre and movies, reading – especially fairytales and folklore – sunflowers, food, the PC game the Sims. I collect Venetian masks. I like to draw, but I’m terrible at it. Like gardening, but I never have any idea what I am doing. And I’m so happy to be hanging out with Beyond Books today. Thank you so much for having me.

BB: Thank you so much for taking part Elizabeth. What inspires you?
EM: People: music, quotes, history, mythology, nature, everything and anything. Inspiration can sweep over me when I’m sat out in the sunshine, or when I hear an interesting conversation as I walk past people. For me inspiration comes from the strangest places, but it is amazing what your mind conjures up from the simplest things.

BB: Can you tell us what are you working on at the moment and what can you tell us about it?
EM: I am currently working on the second book in my Blood Series, which follows on directly from book one, Cranberry Blood.

In CB we meet Heather who is the heroine of the main arc. She is a born Infected – she carries the Vampires Virus – and the most recent in a long line of Vampire Slayer who have been hunting for an Ancient called Marko Pavel.

The Blood Series is an Urban Fantasy series featuring Werewolves, Vampires, Psychics, and Slayers. The story is mainly set in the United Kingdom – Scotland and London – and it is action packed, humorous, sexy, and very bloody. The Series has been compared to the Underworld movies, the movie Dog Soldiers and the British TV show; Being Human.

Book two finds our leading characters in Venice, Italy where they are searching for Pack members from the United Kingdom as well as a Second Generation Vampire who will hopefully lead them to the Ancient Marko Pavel. I don’t want to spoil anything so I will leave it at that for now, but I am hoping to have the book finished by the end of January, and hold the cover/blurb/title reveal on Facebook in late February. So, for anyone who might be interested in learning more do make sure to check out the blurbs etc for the Blood Series Prequel, She-Wolf and for Book One, Cranberry Blood as well as all my social media links below.

BB: What genres do you write and are there any genres you would like to write?
EM: At present my main genre is romance; anything from sweet to erotic. The subgenres I have written so far our; urban fantasy, contemporary, paranormal, and suspense. I would like to write – and have had ideas for – dystopian, futuristic, steampunk, and fantasy stories.

As a reader I enjoy many genres and as a writer I never wanted to limit myself. I have ideas for all types of stories set in many different worlds. I realize that can be a little off putting to potential readers as I have one pen name and write many different genres, but I love variety as I’m sure many people do and I want to be able to cater for all tastes. So for example, you may not like a contemporary I write, but you might enjoy my urban fantasy books.

From the day I started I decided that my author tag line was going to be: “A pick ‘n’ mix genre author. I’m not greedy I just like variety.” So straight away everyone knows they’re in for a selection.

BB: When did you first realise you wanted to become a writer?
EM: My love of writing was a slow process that started when I was a child. I use to doodle notes and picture in scrap books. As a teenager I first attempted to write a story about fairies, and I also had a fanfic blog for my favorite band, but I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed writing until I was in college. I studied Musical Theatre and as part of our coursework on many occasions we had to write scripts. This work turned in to me writing my own scripts for my own plays when I got home, and then one day when a friend of mine read one particular script she told me I should try writing a book instead. It took me a year and a lot of re-writes, but I was happy with the final story and decided I wanted to write more and try and get published. That was back in 2009. My début book was released in 2011, and well, I have just kept writing and pushing forward since.

BB: What is your favourite book?
EM: I love Jane Eyre. Charlotte Bronte was an amazing writer. The book is full of heartache, painful reality/circumstances, suspense, fear, humor, strength, hope, forbidden but true love. I’m also totally in love with Mr Rochester lol It’s just a beautiful story.

BB: What is your favourite movie?
EM: Dirty Dancing. I’ve loved that film since I was four. It was actually the movie that made me want to be an actress, but I also love, love, love Bram Stokers Dracula. I have watched it millions of times and will watch it a million more. Tragic and beautiful <3


BB: Who doesn’t love Dirty Dancing and Bram Strokers Dracula! What do you do when you’re not writing?
EM: I read, or watch a movie or some good television. I do some gardening if the weather is nice… I try and do things to get me out of my head, because it is very hard to shut off from the characters that keep popping up in your mind.

BB: Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?
EM: Writing a book isn’t easy. It is a torturous type of pleasure. Your brain will feel bloated. You will have sleepless nights. You won’t eat at the correct time slots. You will shuffle around trying to do everyday tasks, while talking to your characters out loud, or reminding yourself about the things you decided needed to change in that scene etc. You will constantly wonder if anyone will like the story, understand it. You will get frustrated when words aren’t flowing. You will get mad when words are flowing, but you have to leave the house in ten minutes of you will miss your dentist appointment… but when you finish that book, oh the relief. When that book has been edited, polished, formatted, packaged, and promoted… when you release your story that you have spent so much time with, put your blood, sweat and tears into; spent countless hours wondering if it is any good…. And you see a review where the reader says they loved it… Well, it is worth it. Just for one person to love that book as much as you do. All the time, the work, the stress; it’s so, so worth it.

So, my advice is; keep going, never give in, never give up. If you have a story to tell, if you have a billion stories to tell; write them and share them with the world.

BB: What book are you reading at the moment?
EM: I’m not reading anything at the moment. (I know, it’s terrible.) The only reason for that is because I am trying to finish the book I am working on. My TBR pile is huge though. I have promised myself that once my next book is done I am going to dive into that pile and read a few of the books as a reward.

BB: We’ll let you off just this once, our TBR piles are the same though! What do you think makes your books stand out from the crowd?
EM: They have really great covers? Honestly, I don’t know and I realize that sounds terrible. I create a world, I write the characters stories, I release the book and I send it out into the world just hoping that at the very least the reader will be entertained for a little while. Books are an escape from reality and I just hope that my stories serve that purpose. I hope readers find something in the pages that makes the story stand out to them; makes them laugh or even cry.

BB: Who doesn’t love a great book cover though! Describe your writing style in ten words or less.
EM: Sexy, sarcastic, action packed, humorous, twisted, fun, and unique.

I have no idea if my readers would agree with that. If anything I just hope my writing style is entertaining.

BB: Do you have a favourite character in your books?
EM: That is like asking me to choose my favourite child – if I had children lol – no, I love all my characters. They are all unique in their own way.

BB: We know that was a bit of a mean question! Something a little easier now, tea or coffee? And how do you take it?
EM: Tea; strong, half a sugar with milk and if there is a cookie on the side, well, I’m happy.

BB: Do you have any pets?
EM: I have two black cats who are brothers; Phantom and MJ, named after my favorite musical and artist.

BB: Who or what has made the biggest influence on your life?
EM: I think everyone who comes into our lives is there to make an impact, to teach us something even if it is the smallest lesson. Everyone I meet influences me in different ways. I have met some amazing people and just hearing and seeing their beliefs, passions, fears, getting to know them and how they view life and the world; it’s amazing. I have the deepest respect and gratitude for the people in my life. I’m thankful for them. They make me think. They make me feel.

I couldn’t pick one person out of so many. Everyone is inspiring in their own way. Everyone plays a part.

BB: If you were invited to the Oscars, who would you take with you?
EM: My mother. She gave me life and has raised me and my brother. She has always encouraged me to dream and to be myself. If I ever achieve something so amazing, or got to go somewhere so amazing, I would want my mother with me to share the experience.

BB: If you could be any animal what would it be?
EM: I would be a cheetah, because they can run really fast and I have always liked the idea of being able to run faster than anyone lol

©William Warby

BB: Which is the best Chris – Pine, Pratt, Evans or Hemsworth?
EM: HEMSWORTH. *ahem* Chris Hemsworth. I think he is all sorts of yummy.

BB: We definitely wouldn’t say no to Mr Hemsworth either! What are you most looking forward to in 2016?
EM: On a personal note: becoming an Auntie. My baby brother and his girlfriend are expecting their first child and I’m so excited.

On a professional note: releasing the second book in the Blood Series; it has been a long time in the works.

Where to find Elizabeth Online:

Facebook page

Scottish Werewolves: freaky Vampires and a Slayer with a bad addiction and an insane legacy. Add a big dose of sarcasm, sizzling chemistry; a lot of silver and a ton of blood and . . . Welcome to the Blood Series.

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But one night off and a trip to a local strip joint for a colleague’s stag night changes things, and Owen soon discovers he isn’t immune to everything . . . .

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Having to come home and face the Werewolf who broke her young heart? Challenging.

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Tracking someone? Simple.

Helping, and protecting a Vampire slayer . . . . Bloody hard work!

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Nothing about Heather is simple, from her weird dietary needs to her life’s mission. The girl can handle herself, but the promise to protect her soon becomes a need, and one he can’t fully understand.

Vampire Slayer. Born Infected. Addicted to blood . . . but not by choice.

Heather Ryan is the current Slayer in a long family line. Like all before her, she has spent her life searching for her ancestor, Marko Pavel, the Vampire her family has sworn to kill. If that isn’t complicated enough, she is also a born “Infected”, and to keep her from becoming insane or giving in to her darker side, she is on a very strict diet.

Now that her Grandmother Sofia has passed, it is up to Heather to take the family legacy into her own hands. Or at least, it would have been…if her Grandmother hadn’t sent a Werewolf to help her.

What is the irritating Brendan supposed to help her with? Sofia never told either of them. Luckily, it doesn’t take long for Heather and Brendan to find out that the Vampires have big plans, and that the Leeches have waited a long time for them both.

Where to buy:

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