Look at the Galleons Worth of Harry Potter News You Might Have Missed!

If you’re a keen Potter fan, grab a cup of tea and sit down because this news might take a while and we don’t even know where to start!

Casting news!

Filming is already underway in Liverpool and four new additions have been made to the cast of Harry Potter’s spin off Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.
Joining the likes of Eddie Redmayne and Colin Farrell will be Gemma Chan and Carmen Ejogo. Hot on the news of their castings came news that of Hollywood legend Jon Voight and Ron Perlman were also on board. It’s believed that Perlman will be playing the role of a goblin.

ron_perlman_0In the directors chair is David Yates and the magical movie follows the adventures of magizoologist Newt Scamander decades before Harry Potter’s emergence as The Boy Who Lived. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them opens on November 18th 2016 in the UK and the US.



Potter movie marathon anyone?

We know we can all do this using our DVD players but when the movies are on the TV, they have to be watched! Sky Movies have announced that they are to create a channel showing nothing but the Harry Potter blockbusters for a limited period. It’s all in celebration of the fifteenth anniversary of the Philosophers Stone release and runs for nine days starting on 24th October. The channel will also screen documentaries, behind-the-scenes specials, and interviews with Daniel Radcliffe and the rest of the Hogwarts gang. How many times do you think you can watch the movies in nine days?


Amazing stop motion short of Hogwarts

Stop motion is an amazing thing to watch and the fine folks at unPOP have spent a month creating a short stop motion film creating Hogwarts from the very pages of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Featuring a cover of the original theme tune by Gretchen Lohse and the animators including Peter Heacock and Joan Kamberaj even lighting up the many windows and doors make this a magical thing to watch.


J.K. Rowling announces that the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play will be two parts!

J.K. Rowling announced last month that the new stage play by Jack Thorne based on a new story by Rowling, Thorne and John Tiffany which will premiere in London’s West End in summer 2016 will in fact be two parts.


Jack Thorne was excited to have the opportunity to go further into the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

Obviously I loved it when we decided to tell this story in two parts, because I got to spend more time with the characters and what an honour that has been. It continues to be unbelievable and amazing that I’ve been given this extraordinary chance to bring Harry Potter to the stage. As a fan, who just devoured the books and the films, this couldn’t be more exciting for me. – Jack Thorne

And Thorne wasn’t the only one who was excited for the plays, Tiffany also joined him in his enthusiasm.

I’ve never worked on anything quite like this before. Usually in theatre you’re adapting existing material or creating an entirely new play. With the Cursed Child we have been given the unique opportunity to explore some of the most cherished books and beloved characters ever written, yet work with J.K. Rowling to tell a story from that world that no one yet knows – it’s exhilarating. It shares a scale and ambition with all the Harry Potter stories so in order to do this justice we have decided to present the play in two parts. – John Tiffany

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child comes to London’s West End summer 2016, tickets will go on sale this Autumn. You can register for priority booking at HarryPotterthePlay.com to have the first opportunity to purchase tickets before they go on sale to the general public.



The first generation of Potter fans are paying it forward for the next generation with #PotteritForward!


You may have heard of Pay It Forwards but now Potterheads across the globe have decided to Potter It Forward. The first readers of the series are leaving notes in bookstore and library copies of the Harry Potter books all following the same theme, how the series had significant influences on their lives. So if you could tell a new reader anything about the magical world of Harry Potter and the students of Hogwarts and how it influenced you why not give it a go!



The Harry Potter series has scooped itself some new beautiful covers!

Juniper Books has put together these beautiful sets of the Harry Potter series each representing one of the Hogwarts houses and packaged in a Hogwarts trunk. You can purchase each set Juniper Books for $275. They definitely are a stunning set which we can imagine most fans would love to get their hands on.

The complete Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling in robes worthy of the wizard’s place in our hearts. Each Harry Potter book set is wrapped in one of four custom book jacket styles—Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, or Hufflepuff—and packed in a Hogwarts traveling trunk. Books feature illustrations at the beginning of every chapter.

All books are brand new from the publisher, Scholastic, with jackets designed and printed by Juniper Books on a special tear and water resistant paper. The publisher’s traveling trunk is made of durable cardboard.


New Harry Potter books on iBooks to include animated illustrations!


With the new illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone still hot from the press iBooks have found another way to bring the series to live with these new enchanced e-books with interactive illustrations. With over 200 new illustrations of which more than half are interactive these new books also feature a commentary from J.K. Rowling which goes deeper into some of the characters and their story lines with a handful of pop-up annotations.

The new editions are exclusive to Apple’s iBooks Store and can be purchased for £6.99 each from iTunes.


Rowling debunks fan theories!

J.K. Rowling loves interacting with her fans via her Twitter page and she loves nothing more then to hear various theories from them about the magical world, she also has no issues shutting them down. Rowling has even said for one theory that the idea that Dumbledore is actually Death was “a beautiful theory [that] fits”. At the beginning of the month though she set to shutting down some more theories from fans.



Ever wanted to live at Hogwarts, well now you can!

Fans across the globe have been waiting for years for their letter from Hogwarts to start a new school year, with dreams of living in the castle with its floating candles and moving stair cases. Well now you can, that is if you can handle the price tag of £649,000 to £2.8 million! Royal Connaught Park the real life location that was used as Hogwarts in the films has been remodeled into luxury town homes.


Fans will recognise some of the exteriors but one area they certainly will remember is the 1400 square foot dining hall. Better known to fans as the Great Hall, it was used in the first three films, and the developers have decided to leave largely unchanged. The tower that was used as Dumbledore’s office in the fifth installment of the films is also still there, but has now been incorporated into one of the townhouses.



Win the chance at two tickets for Christmas dinner in the Great Hall!


This December Warner Bros. Studio Tour are offering you the chance to win two ticket to their first ever festive feast in Hogwarts Great Hall. The exclusive event proved to be extremely popular and has since sold out but they didn’t want you to miss the chance for you and a guest to attend on Thursday 3rd December.


Hogwarts in the Snow will be featured between Friday 13th November 2015 and Sunday 31st January 2015, the Great Hall will be redecorated with authentic props used in the first Harry Potter film including eight trees adorned with golden baubles shaped like moons and partridges, while a replica feast will sit atop the long tables including flaming Christmas puddings and hams studded with cherries.

To find out more about the feast and how to enter please visit the Dining in the Great Hall competition page. Competition ends 3rd November 2015.


The Harry Potter colouring book is coming next month

No matter your age this colouring book is for you, packed with stunning artwork from the Warner Bros. archive this book gives every fan a chance to colour in their favourite characters and settings. The book is coming out 5th November and can be preordered now from Amazon.co.uk. There are over 80 pages of black and white templates for you to bring to life and 16 full colour pages to inspire your creative side.

Phew! If you’ve stuck with us through all that you deserve a nice chilled mug of Butterbeer…or Fire Whiskey!

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