McDonalds Are Giving Away Free Roald Dahl Books!

In a campaign that is being supported by the National Literacy Trust, fast food chain, McDonalds have teamed up with Roald Dahl’s estate to give away millions of books with children’s Happy Meals.

Starting from today, 14 million created Roald Dahl books will be free with every boxed meal and will include the eight famous titles that have been put together for the promotion. Each book showcases two extracts from two of Dahl’s books including Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Families, with tasters of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Fantastic Mr Fox, and Roald Dahl’s Magical Mischief, extracting George’s Marvellous Medicine and Matilda.


Abigail Moss of the National Literacy Trust spoke of the campaign which of course hopes to build the interest of reading in children as the statistics sit at 15% of children not owning a book of their own!

“Reaching out on to the high street, where the families are … Many parents will have enjoyed the wonderful world of Roald Dahl when they were young and now they’ll be able to share these iconic stories with their children. The scale of the campaign will reach millions of children, including many who haven’t owned a book before, inspiring them to enjoy reading and improving their life chances.”

“Last year when we partnered with McDonald’s on Enid Blyton, we had some absolutely fantastic letters through – one from a grandmother who said she had never read with her grandchildren, but that now she was sitting in McDonald’s reading Blyton’s The Secret Seven, and it was one of the best days of her life,” said Moss. “We’re reaching 14 million people, and over the last few years 22.8m books have been given to children, some of whom will be the one in seven children who don’t own a book.”

Through their Happy Readers programme, McDonalds have given away more than 22.8 million books, including those of Blyton and from Dorling Kindersley’s Amazing World series.

We’re great fans of the Roald Dahl books here at Beyond Books and wonder what you think! Children will be treated to their happy meals from loved ones, do you think it’s a good opportunity for families to be introduced to treasured stories?




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