BBC Tease the Return of Doctor Who, Missy and More!

We’ve only recently seen the first trailer for the September return of Doctor Who and now courtesy of BBC America, we have a new set of character images to share!

We have images of a very casual Doctor and the more conservatively dressed Clara, as well as bad girl Missy and the return of Kate.

The Doctor himself, Peter Capaldi teased the return of the sci-fi favourite, sharing that his character is looking to ‘have a good time’

“You must never trust Doctor Who, because his knowledge of the past and the future is comprehensive and deep and not quite human,” he said.

“So, in his human form, I think he’s decided – because he knows how dark it can get outside – that he’s going to have a good time. But as always in Doctor Who, no good time goes unpunished!”

Doctor Who returns to BBC One on Saturday 19th September.


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