Reviewed and Recommended: The Temptress – C.J. Fallowfield

A1QjC-UrCKL._SL1500_There’s just something about a French accent, something that conjures images of romance, sex and passion. There’s a reason French is called ‘the language of love.’

Lulu McQueen runs an exclusive honeytrap agency, to test the fidelity of rich men for their suspicious partners. While her business flourishes and her track record in the field remains unbroken, earning her the nickname of The Temptress, her personal life isn’t so successful.

A trip to Paris, years ago, led to the most erotic encounter of her life with Luc, a charismatic, dominant, irresistible Frenchman. For one night she experienced bliss on a scale she’d never encountered and fled in the morning, ashamed of herself, but her Parisian one night stand was burned into her memories and no one since had compared.

With no one available on short notice, Lulu steps in to lure Mrs. Le Grand’s rich husband, for an extortionately high fee. Lulu’s in for the shock of her life when she finds her mark at the hotel bar. Luc Le Grand still has a face and body to make Adonis weep. He exudes confidence, masculinity and raw sex appeal.

The question now isn’t whether Lulu can tempt him, but whether she can resist him, retain her reputation and secure her fee, or whether she’ll fall under Mr. Le Grand’s spell. Again.

A standalone erotic romance novel, The Temptress contains adult themes and is only suitable for those aged over 18.

C.J Fallowfield kindly gave us an ARC for our review

Less than a chapter in I thought perhaps I was reading a comedy. C.J. Fallowfield has pretty good comic timing but I’ll come to that later. The essence of the story is Lulu, a stunning brunette from England meets Luc, a tall virile handsome Frenchman while in Paris for a hen do. Despite her protestations, Lulu succumbs to Luc’s charms and they spend an unforgettable night of animalistic, hot, kinky sex together before losing contact. That night affects both of their lives, no one coming close for either them in passion or chemistry.

Six years later, Lulu’s honey trap business is in demand from a haughty French woman intent on proving her husband is having an affair. All is not what it seems however when the husband turns out to be none other than Luc.

Reunited, they discover they’d both tried to find each other but to no avail. It also becomes apparent that Luc’s wife’s reasons to prove he is cheating are not what they first seem. Dirty deeds afoot or are they?

With some hot and steamy scenes and a dirty talking Frenchman, The Temptress has moments of humour thanks to Lulu’s PA Violet, her best friend Coco who has a sharp & witty banter with Lulu’s twin and very gay brother Dom.

The few moments of angst when Luc’s wife threatens the person Lulu loves the most are quickly resolved due to her intelligence and strength. This leading lady doesn’t take threats lightly.

C.J. Fallowfield gets straight to the point. No stringing the reader along or whiny characters for this author.

Although Luc’s background & lifestyle choices are similar to a certain Mr Grey, he’s not the type of dominant who takes a submissive; choosing to remain celibate for the years of his marriage. Although he does have a playroom which isn’t red!

Of course the characters in the book are all incredibly beautiful and this could be a turn off if it wasn’t for the fact that they do have faults. None of them are perfect but they do strive for perfection.

This is a great one if you like your book men to be tall, dark & handsome with a dirty mouth that comes with a French accent and your women to have a penchant for designer shoes & handbags!

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