Monsters Unleashed in this First International Trailer for Goosebumps

Not much of synopsis to go with this one which disappointingly isn’t what we expected. If you read the books by R.L. Stine as a youngster, you’ll remember the author was pretty much the Stephen King of children’s literature. Some of his stories scared the bejesus out of us with titles like Welcome To The Dead House and A Nightmare on Clown Street (anything with clowns – arghhhhhhhh) but this movie seems a bit dare we say, cheesy? The general premise seems to be, a young man, Zach (Dylan Minnette) moves in next door to a house occupied by an R.L. Stine type character, Mr Shivers (insert eyeroll) (Jack Black) and his niece Hannah (Odeya Rush) and unwittingly releases all the monsters from Shiver’s books! They team up together to put them back where they belong.

The movie is due for release in time for Halloween.

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