The Doctor Practices His Best Moody Look in Season Nine Teaser!

The anticipation for season nine of BBC’s Doctor Who just keeps on building with teaser interviews and now teaser pictures!

Peter Capaldi’s portrayal of the infamous time-lord can be seen in the new teaser, stepping from the TARDIS and onto a barren-looking landscape.

drwhobbcs9previewIntriguing? We think so!

What do we know so far about season nine? We know that Missy is returning, and we also know that the episodes will feature plenty of other foes, old and new. Finally, we know that in the two-part opener, the Doctor will make ‘a mistake that has cataclysmic repercussions’ and that Jenna Louise Coleman IS returning as companion Clara Oswald.

We think that’s everything!

Oh and Maisie Williams is guest starring!

Doctor Who returns to BBC screens in the Autumn and we can’t wait! Can you?



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