Outlander Season Two Begins Filming in Fife and Two New Cast Members Are Added

It’s not been long since the first season of Outlander was over and already filming for season two has begun in Fife, Scotland. Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan, and Duncan Lacroix have all been spotted on set at a harbor in Dysart. The series creator Ron Moore has confirmed that season two of Outlander will follow Jamie and Claire as they head to Paris. This also opens the opportunity for new cast members to join the series including Robert Cavanagh and Stanley Weber.

They’re in one of the most populated cities in the world at this point. It’s French aristocracy, it’s the court of Louis XV, it’s cobblestone streets filled with people – the costumes are completely different, [as are] the sets. It has a whole different mood and palette to it. It’s more about conspiracies, lies and politics. Getting caught up in the corruption and poison that’s happening in Paris at that time, with history, is pushing you toward this inevitable cataclysm – the destruction of the Highland culture. Plus Claire’s pregnant and there are the aftereffects of everything that happened with Jack Randall – that’s still with Jamie in the second season. – Ron Moore

cavanah_robertRobert Cavanagh will play Jared Fraser, Jamie’s cousin who lives in Paris and is the leading wine seller in France. In season 2 Jared allows Jamie and Claire to live in his mansion while they try to stop the Jacobite rebellion from ravaging Scotland in exchange for managing his business whilst he travels to the West Indies.
StanleyWeberBorgia star Stanley Weber is set to play Jared’s chief competitor, Le Comte St. Germain, a wine merchant and member of the French Court who is said to have a reputation for his ruthlessness as well as dabbling in the occult.
You can see some of the cast and crew on location, including a first look at Robert Cavanah as Jared Fraser here.


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