Simon Cowell Set to Produce Adaptation of Vivek J. Tiwary’s The Fifth Beatle

A film adaptation of Vivek J. Tiwary’s 2013 graphic novel The Fifth Beatle is set to hit the big screen with Simon Cowell’s Syco Entertainment to produce. Tiwary has written to script based on the graphic novel and will work with Cowell as a producer. The story tells the tale of late Beatles manager Brian Epstein as helped the ‘Fab Four’ achieve global success. An agreement has already been secured with Sony/ATV Publishing for use of Beatles music in the project.

I have always been fascinated by Brian Epstein – and his story. He played a huge role in the Beatles’ incredible success – and, I believe, remains the most talented manager ever. Yet his story has never been fully told. Also, like everyone across the world, I have so much respect for the Beatles and their music. So to be given the chance to be involved in this project was one I just could not pass up. – Simon Cowell

Epstein passed away in 1967 at the age of 32. Paul McCartney said in 1997, ‘If anyone was the fifth Beatle, it was Brian.’

The Fifth BeatleThe Fifth Beatle is the untold true story of Brian Epstein, the visionary manager who discovered and guided the Beatles – from their gigs in a tiny cellar in Liverpool to unprecedented international stardom. Yet more than merely the story of “The Man Who Made the Beatles,” The Fifth Beatle is an uplifting, tragic, and ultimately inspirational human story about the struggle to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. Brian himself died painfully lonely at the young age of thirty-two, having helped the Beatles prove through “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” that pop music could be an inspirational art form. He was homosexual when it was a felony to be so in the United Kingdom, Jewish at a time of anti-Semitism, and from Liverpool when it was considered just a dingy port town.

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