Tribute to Richard Attenborough During Jurassic World’s Latest Teaser Plus Clips

On 12th June 2015 the park will finally open, but as we know this isn’t where the dream began. Everyone will remember the late Richard Attenborough’s character John Hammond from Jurassic Park, Hammond was the CEO and creator of Jurassic Park. He founded the companies InGen and the Hammond Foundation. But the creators of the upcoming sequel have found a way to show tribute to Attenborough by using his voice in the new teaser, bringing the franchise full circle as he welcomes visitors to Jurassic World.

ZZ6F3299D7A statue of Hammond has already been spotted in trailers for the movie whilst director Colin Trevorrow posted the image on his twitter not long after the actors passing. You can watch the teaser with the cleverly edited voice over by Attenborough’s character below.

As well as this touching tribute to Richard Attenborough we have rounded up exclusive clips as well as a featurette from the upcoming sequel for your enjoyment. There is just over three weeks until the release of Jurassic World in cinemas across the UK.

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