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13394_10155552636560052_2309687685390886773_nMost of us find our next great read through a recommendation from a friend or a good review. Book Club regular Laura Jones, has shared some of her favourites in the time we have been running but tells us these amongst the best she has ever read and they are from a self published author. Read what Laura has to say about curve and heart by Nicola Hudson.








I know I’ve talked about Nicola’s books before. But I got all wordy the other day and put this post together. I posted it in a 3,000 strong book group I’ve been a member of for a while and it reached no one. I posted it on my page and reached 3. Readers are hiding everywhere.

I want to share two of my very favourite books. These books are self published and amongst the very best I’ve ever read. I’d love more people to know and love them too!

Nicola Hudson is a self published New Adult (NA) author from Birmingham, UK. I was introduced to her at the end of last year thanks to a blogger I follow here on Facebook. Both of her books while part of a series can be read stand alone. I read them in January in order of publication and I’m still thinking about them now. Particularly heart. It’s a very special book and I really connected with it. I get emotional just thinking about it. Nicola is very proud of her roots, even the cover models for her books and teasers are from Birmingham.

curve is set in Birmingham and Stratford-Upon-Avon. It tells the story of 17 year old Cass and Flynn, her best friend Neve’s brother. Alongside the romantic and best friend relationships there are familial relationships that grow and change within this book. curve is recommended for older teens as there is some sexual content.

heart is the story of Neve and Jake, her brothers best friend. Neve and Cass were at high school in curve. Neve is now at university in Brighton so she’s a good distance from home. heart is told from the POV of both Neve and Jake which is my personal favourite kind of book. So while he delivers some devastating news to Neve it’s not long before we’re inside his head and learning the reason why.

Find out more about Nicola Hudson and he books on the following links –

Nicola Hudson Facebook
Amazon UK

For those going to Second City Signing in Birmingham in July, Nicola is one of the attending authors.

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