Graham McNamee’s Young Adult Thriller Acceleration Gets a Director

51pPQ4t0yULGraham McNamees’ young adult thriller, Acceleration about a 17 year old who find a leather book filled with the depraved thoughts of a serial killer, is to be directed by Kyle Patrick Alverez. Alverez is know for The Stanford Prison Experiment, C.O.G. and Easier With Practice.

Alvarez will direct from a script he’s adapting with Adam Shazar. Stanford Prison Experiment debuted in January at Sundance, where it won the Alfred P. Sloan Prize and the Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award.

Book synopsis –It’s a hot summer and in the depths of the Toronto Transit Authority’s lost and found, 17-year-old Duncan is cataloguing misplaced belongings. And between Jacob, the cranky old man who runs the place, and the endless dusty boxes overflowing with stuff no one will ever claim, Duncan has just about had enough. Then he finds a little leather book filled with the dark and dirty secrets of a twisted mind, a serial killer stalking his prey in the subway. And Duncan can’t stop reading. What would you do with a book like that? How far would you go to catch a madman?


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