Sony Pictures Moves Forwards With Remake of H.G. Wells’ The Invisible Man

H.G. Wells’ The Invisible Man is set to move ahead with Sony Pictures. The adaptation is getting a new lease of life with a unique version which will be produced under the Red Wagon Entertainment banner by Lucy Fisher and Doug Wick. The Invisible Man first debuted on the big screen with Universal under the same name in 1933 directed by James Whale.

It is unclear if this will be a standalone film or part of a series, but it’s a vote of confidence that the press release names the character of Griffin, Wells’ protagonist in the 1897 novel.

Depicting one man’s transformation and descent into brutality, H.G. Wells’s The Invisible Man is a riveting exploration of science’s power to corrupt.

With his face swaddled in bandages, his eyes hidden behind dark glasses and his hands covered even indoors, Griffin – the new guest at The Coach and Horses – Is at first assumed to be a shy accident-victim. But the true reason for his disguise is far more chilling: he has developed a process that has made him invisible, and is locked in a struggle to discover the antidote. Forced from the village and driven to murder, he seeks the aid of his old friend Kemp. The horror of his fate has affected his mind, however – and when Kemp refuses to help, Griffin resolves to wreak his revenge.

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