Far From the Madding Crowd World Premiere Highlights

The stars took to the red carpet Wednesday night at London’s BFI Southbank for the World Premiere of Far From the Madding Crowd. Directed by Thomas Vinterberg and starring Carey Mulligan, Matthias Schoenaerts, Michael Sheen, and Tom Sturridge the films hits UK cinemas 1st May.

Based on the literary classic by Thomas Hardy, Far From The Madding Crowd is the story of independent, beautiful and headstrong Bathsheba Everdene (Carey Mulligan), who attracts three very different suitors: Gabriel Oak (Matthias Schoenaerts), a sheep farmer, captivated by her fetching wilfulness; Frank Troy (Tom Sturridge), a handsome and reckless Sergeant; and William Boldwood (Michael Sheen), a prosperous and mature bachelor. This timeless story of Bathsheba’s choices and passions explores the nature of relationships and love – as well as the human ability to overcome hardships through resilience and perseverance.

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  1. avatarEvelyn

    Absolutely loved this adaptation of Thomas Hardy’s classic novel. Carrie Mulligan is suburb as Bathsheba Everdene, the spirited, independent woman in Victorian England who attracts the attention of not one, not two, but three handsome men. I was smitten from the first scene with Matthias Schoenaerts as Gabriel Oak. I was equally repelled by Tom Sturridge as the handsome, but slippery Sgt. Troy. Alas…poor Michael Sheen – brilliantly played as the lonely, wealthy bachelor neighbor…I knew he’d have his heart broken. Beautiful scenery in rural England. I started to sniffle through the end of the film, and while dabbing at my eyes, the flight attendant on Delta stopped me and said, “there’s no crying on my flight!” I said, “You haven’t seen this movie then.”


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