Smokehouse Pictures Picks Up Not Yet Published Three Minutes to Doomsday

31702George Clooney and Grant Heslov’s Smokehouse Pictures have acquired the film rights to Joe Navarro’s not yet published, latest book Three Minutes to Doomsday. The deal was brokered after Scribner, a division of Simon & Schuster acquired North American rights for the book.

The book written by Joe Navarro and Howard Means follows Navarro, one of the FBI’s leading body language experts who was sent to track down Rod Ramsey to report on his knowledge or association with Clyde Lee Conrad. It all started with a trembling cigarette: when Navarro asked Ramsay about Conrad, his cigarette shook. Navarro’s expertise enabled him to decipher the meaning behind Ramsay’s tic. Noticing this miniscule movement led him to a series of interviews in an increasingly complex relationship that would uncover one escalating revelation after another, until he eventually uncovered the most dangerous security breach in US history. Along the way Navarro had to develop Ramsay’s trust, engage and convince a skeptical federal bureaucracy, and spend hundreds of hours preparing for each of 42 interviews with Ramsay over the course of a year, as the west is increasingly vulnerable against the backdrop of the Cold War.

There has been no screenwriter attached to the project yet, and no information about whether or not Clooney’s role will be in front of or behind the camera.


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