Casting News for the BBC’s Adaptation of John Lanchester’s Capital

Toby Jones and Lesley Sharp have been confirmed for BBC One’s new drama Capital, Wunmi Mosaku and Adeel Akhtar will also star in Peter Bowker’s adaptation of John Lanchester’s bestselling novel of the same name.

Rachael Stirling, Gemma Jones, Robert Emms, Bryan Dick and Radoslaw Kaim have also signed on to appear in the project.

The three-part drama is directed by Euros Lyn and produced by Kudos.

Capital.indd It’s 2008 and things are falling apart: Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers are going under, and the residents of Pepys Road, London—a banker and his shopaholic wife, an old woman dying of a brain tumor and her graffiti-artist grandson, Pakistani shop owners and a shadowy refugee who works as the meter maid, the young soccer star from Senegal and his minder—are receiving anonymous postcards reading “We Want What You Have.”

Who is behind it?

What do they want?

Epic in scope yet intimate, capturing the ordinary dramas of very different lives, this is a novel of love and suspicion, of financial collapse and terrorist threat, of property values going up and fortunes going down, and of a city at a moment of extraordinary tension.

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