Don DeLillo’s The Names to be Adapted for the Big Screen

don delilloDon DeLillo, has only allowed one of his novels to be adapted into film so far and that was Cosmopolis which was directed by David Cronenberg starring Robert Pattinson. Now, another of his books, The Names which he wrote in 1982 is headed in the same direction. Alex Ross Perry (Listen Up Phillip, Queen of Earth) is planning to write the script and direct.

The Names, DeLillo’s seventh book, is set in the summer of 1979 in Athens and throughout the Middle East with a cast of expats who start to investigate a string of murders committed by a cult. DeLillo fans consider the work underrated. (The New York Times review described it as “a powerful, haunting book, formidably intelligent and agile.”)

Perry is currently writing the screenplay for Disney’s live-action Winnie the Pooh. He’ll produce The Names with Christos V. Konstantakopoulos.

Perhaps the script for this could be thrown in Pattinson’s direction even without his buddy Cronenberg at the helm!


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