James Franco Jumps on Board ‘The Long Home’

In his latest project, actor James Franco is set to direct and produce the adaptation of William Gay’s novel, ‘The Long Home’. The book is an coming-of-age story set in rural Tennessee in the 1940s.

The story centres on a young and headstrong Tennessee carpenter who lost his father years before to a human evil and is forced to make difficult moral choices to face up to that evil. “The Long Home” was Gay’s debut novel and won the 1999 James A. Michener Memorial Prize.


Nathan Winer is unknowingly working for a man who killed his father and has designs on his lover, and who brings with him a satanic force to the deep South. William Tell Oliver is the only member of the community to recognise the evil lurking within in the shape of Dallas Hardin but his inability to act at the most crucial of moments nearly yields disastrous consequences.

James Franco and Vince Jolivette will produce through their Rabbit Bandini Productions.

This won’t be Franco’s first branch out into directing, he is also known for directing two adaptations f William Faulkner novels set in the rural South through Rabbit Bandini — 2014’s “The Sound and the Fury,” which played at the Venice and Toronto Film Festivals, and 2013’s “As I Lay Dying.”

To purchase ‘The Long Home‘ click here.


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