Maile Meloy Short Stories Being Adapted into Indie Film

Kelly Reichardt

Kelly Reichardt

Laura Dern and Kristen Stewart are to join Michelle Williams in Kelly Reichardt’s next film, which has also cast Jared Harris and James Le Gros.The as yet untiltled indie film will be based on the short stories by acclaimed author, Maile Meloy.

Casting seems to be moving along quickly as the film is scheduled to shoot in Spring in Montana. While it’s unclear about the roles of most of the cast, it seems Stewart will play a character called Beth a lawyer from Boise, Idaho, who takes a teaching job several hours from her house. After taking the job, Stewart’s character develops a friendship with a local woman who’s auditing her class.

Kelly Reichardt, whose previous work includes Night Moves (with Le Gros), Wendy and Lucy and Old Joy and is, like Meloy, a recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship.

Maile Meloy’s extensive body of work includes, The Apothercary, The Apprentice and Liars and Saints.

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