Could Themed Book Covers Become A Thing of the Past?

newauthorcoverIn a drastic move intended to cut costs that’s sure to anger authors and readers alike, eBook sellers are considering using blank covers containing just the title and author name as pictured left. Could we be saying goodbye to the beautiful covers that catch our eye?

One author, Bob Doenesky said “This is utterly ridiculous, authors who sell eBooks barely make anything as it is. If they go ahead with this, how will buyers be able to tell what type of book they’re buying? As an erotic fiction author, my covers give readers a clue to what’s inside. I’ve never heard of anything so idiotic in my life“.

Our source contacted one of the biggest online eBook retailers but they refused to comment.

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Doesn’t look like we fooled anyone with this story. As if Amazon etc would remove cover artwork to save money! Well done if you spotted that our friend Bob Doenesky is actually an anagram of Beyond Books!

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