Tom Ford and George Clooney Team up for Nocturnal Animals

tony and susanThis seems to be more like a collaboration for New York fashion week but it looks as though Clooney and fashionista Ford are to join forces on the thriller called Nocturnal Animals. As well as directing and writing the film, Ford is to co-produce along with Clooney. Rumours about the cast for the project, which is adapted from Austin Wright’s novel Tony and Susan, have centred on Jake Gyllenhal and Amy Adams with Joaquin Phoenix and Aaron Taylor-Johnson being on Fords wish list.

The screenplay for the film follows the story of a woman who is asked by her ex-husband, whom she left 20 years previously, to read a book manuscript and give her opinion. Needless to say, things take a twisted turn.

The second element dives into the manuscript itself. It’s called Nocturnal Animals and follows a family holiday that goes violently wrong, before reverting back to Susan’s recollections of her past marriage.

At this stage, everything seems to be rumour and speculation but with a dream team like Ford and Clooney at the helm, we’re sure it will all come together.

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