Peter Liney’s The Detainee has been Optioned by Film House Germany

Thunder Road and Film House Germany have optioned the film rights to The Detainee, British playwright Peter Liney’s debut novel about an island where the elderly are exiled by a younger generation blaming them for the ruin of society.

Grant Pierce Myers will adapt for the big screen. Myers also adapted the YA dystopian novel The Maze Runner last year.

The Detainee
is the first book in a trilogy, with the second title, Into the Fire, going on sale earlier this year .

18050237The Island is hopelessness. The Island is death. And it is to this place that all the elderly and infirm are shipped, the scapegoats for the collapse of society.
There’s no escape, not from the punishment satellites that deliver instant judgement for any crime—including trying to get off the Island—and not from the demons that come on foggy nights, when the satellites are all but blind.

But when one of the Island’s inhabitants, aging “Big Guy” Clancy, finds a network of tunnels beneath the waste, there is suddenly hope, for love, for escape . . . and for the chance to fight back.

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