Komixx Entertainment has Optioned Philip Kerr’s The Winter Horses

Komixx Entertainment, the U.S. part of British production group Komixx Media Group, has optioned worldwide rights to Philip Kerr’s New York Times best-seller The Winter Horses.
Komixx’s animation studio in Manchester, England, plans to develop the book into an animated feature film.

Kerr said

“The Winter Horses is a very special book for me and I wanted the film rights to go to an animation company that shared the epic scale of my vision. This is one of the first times that an animated film has dealt with such an uplifting and inspiring story set during the Holocaust, and it was absolutely vital that the film-makers understood how sensitive a subject this is.”

18404397It will soon be another cold winter in the Ukraine. But it’s 1941, and things are different this year. Max, the devoted caretaker of an animal preserve, must learn to live with the Nazis who have overtaken this precious land. He must also learn to keep secrets-for there is a girl, Kalinka, who is hiding in the park.

Kalinka has lost her home, her family, her belongings-everything but her life. Still, she has gained one small, precious gift: a relationship with the rare wild and wily Przewalski’s horses that wander the preserve. Aside from Max, these endangered animals are her only friends-until a Nazi campaign of extermination nearly wipes them out for good.

Now Kalinka must set out on a treacherous journey across the frozen Ukrainian forest to save the only two surviving horses-and herself.

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