Greenlight Given for My Sweet Audrina Adaptation

my sweet audrinaA stand alone novel from the author of the Dollanganger sereis (Flowers in the Attic, Flowers for Algernon etc), My Sweet Audrina is to be adapted by Lifetime hot of the success of Flowers in the Attic which aired last year. You can watch the trailer for Flowers in the Attic Below which tells the story of 4 children left to survive in the attic of a house by their cruel and suspersticious Grandmother.

Still high on the success of its “Flowers in the Attic” franchise, Lifetime has given a greenlight to V.C. Andrews’ standalone novel, “My Sweet Audrina,” a network representative told TheWrap.

The book follows a family that’s as twisted and mysterious as the Foxworths, with seven-year-old Audrina at the center. As she comes of age, she’s often compared to her late older sister, who was also named Audrina and who perished years earlier, not knowing everyone is keeping a dangerous secret from her.

The adaptation is now casting, while no airdate has been set yet.

Scarlett Lacey is writing the adaptation, while Dan Angel and Jane Startz, who are also executive producing “Seeds of Yesterday” and “If There Be Thorns” for the network, are executive producers on “Audrina.”

The third installment of the “Flowers in the Attic” saga, “If There Be Thorns” will premiere on Lifetime on Sunday, Apr 5, while the fourth, “Seeds of Yesterday,” will follow a week later on April 12.

Amazon synopsis
The house in the wood was picturesque and charming. The family who lived there were happy and affluent. So what was the secret of the room – empty of everything but the rocking chair?

Audrina wanted to be as good as her sister. Audrina knew her parents could not love her as they loved her sister. Her sister was perfect, much loved – and dead.

But how did she die? Who was Audrina and who did she have to become? What was the secret that everyone knew? Everyone except sweet Audrina…

The haunting story of love and deceit, innocence and betrayal, and terrible family secrets.


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