Paramount Pictures Gains Movie Rights to Young Adult Novel, My Heart and Other Black Holes

In wonderful news for author Jasmine Warga, after her debut novel My Heart and Other Black Holes being picked up for publication in 17 countries, it has now had the movie rights picked up by Paramount Pictures!

It’s a further step into the world of Young Adult adaptations for Paramount Pictures who seem to be enjoying the creation of book to movie adaptations, they are responsible for the upcoming adaptation of John Green’s Looking for Alaska. In addition, the writers ofThe Fault In Our Stars screenplay will work on the movie.


If you’re not familiar with Warga’s novel, My Heart and Other Black Holes centers on two teenagers who meet online on a site called Suicide Partners. A site which matches together in suicide pacts ensuring that that each person has a motivator pushing them to achieve their goal of suicide. However when Aysel Seran and Roman Franklin both have personal reasons for their decision to take their own life, but when they are paired together by the site, they embark on an intimate relationship that could have both of them questioning their choice.

It’s a story that is close to the authors heart, having written it after experiencing grief in her life.

I wrote this in the few months following the unexpected death of a very close friend. But the book isn’t in any way based on him. Instead I think my grief, my love for him and our friendship, served as inspiration. In many ways, the novel actually began with Aysel and her voice. I woke up one day hearing it. Aysel was a vessel for me to tackle questions about the demon of depression, grief, and the ultimate saving power of love and human connection.

Jasmine couldn’t resist sharing her exciting news with her fans on Twitter.

New PictureWe think it sounds like a great movie!




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