Douglas Adams Doctor Who Script is to Published as a Novel

It’s a bit of a backwards story for us here at Beyond Books but not many scripts become novels.
Douglas Adams’ Doctor Who script City of Death is to be turned into a novel by author James Goss.

From Radio Times,

Featuring Tom Baker as the fourth Doctor, City of Death – a four-part serial – aired on BBC1 in 1979, watched by over 16 million viewers, and remains one of the most popular of the show’s story arcs. Alongside his companion Romana (Lalla Ward), it sees the Time Lord on holiday in Paris where villainous Count Scarlioni (Julian Glover) is scheming to invent time travel and reverse his ship’s explosion over primeval earth – a plot financed by forcing Leonardo da Vinci to paint multiple copies of the Mona Lisa to sell.

When the Doctor discovers the ship’s explosion was the spark for life on earth, he realises the Count must be stopped.

According to Adams’ biographer, Jem Roberts, the script had to be produced in a hurry when it became clear one Friday that the four-episode shoot set to begin on Monday had no storyline after it was left unfinished by David Fisher, one of the show’s writers, due to family problems.

James Goss’s novel based on City of Death is published on 21st May by BBC Books

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