The Tower of London Hosts Game of Thrones Premiere

10502409_1002606453100124_319732409730770036_nThe fans, critics and even the cast of the show were out in force last night at the Tower of London for the world premiere of Game of Thrones. Some lucky attendees got to watch the first episode of the new season “The Wars to Come” and the reviews from the press as you may have guessed point towards a fantastic coming season which will air in the UK on Sky Atlantic 13th April 2015.

All the elements that have made Game of Thrones notorious, from copious nudity to moments of unexpected violence, were present but this was a notably confident series opener, one which mixed humour and pace to demonstrate how secure [showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss] now are in this world – and how happy they are to take risks … well-paced, intriguing opening episode. – The Guardian

There weren’t many new introductions, but several old characters are revealing new sides … HBO have recently hinted that they’d like Game of Thrones to go on for decades to come, but so far this season definitely feels like the beginning of the end(game). We know because characters and storylines that have been distinct for so long are unmistakably beginning to intertwine. – The Independent

This was a measured scene-setter, with breasts and buttocks bared as per, but less of the blood or other bodily fluids that will surely be spilt later on. A palpable sense of weariness pervaded many of its characters without afflicting the show itself … [Characters] began moving into position for what is starting to resemble — brace yourselves — an endgame … The next head to roll could be that of the HBO executive who dares call time on a series that gets better and better. – The Evening Standard

This is a season opener that will have you gripped from the get-go … It’s a relatively quiet episode by GoT standards – and certainly by comparison to that gory season 4 finale … Game of Thrones is HBO’s most-watched series ever for a reason – and its many fans will be tantalised and intrigued by this new season.. – Forbes

Essentially, this was an exercise in scene setting, the chess pieces being laid out on the board … Encouragingly bold. – The Telegraph

If you can’t wait until Game of Thrones airs next month then we have two clips for your viewing pleasure.

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