Three Days of the Condor to be Remade for TV

redford 1Adapted from James Grady’s novel, Six Days of the Condor and direct by Sydney Pollock, Three Days of the Condor is set for the small screen with a remake of the 1975 classic thanks to Skydance Productions.

Skydance, producing in partnership with with MGM and Paramount TV, is currently shopping the project to networks — though it’s still too early to tell if it will be a miniseries or something with more legs. Jason Smilovic (Lucky Number Slevin) and Todd Katzberg are writing.

redford 3On a seemingly ordinary day, Joe Turner (Robert Redford), a quiet CIA codebreaker, walks into his workplace and finds that all of his coworkers have been murdered. Horrified, Joe flees the scene and tries to tell his supervisors about the tragedy. Unfortunately, he soon learns that CIA higher-ups were involved in the murders. With no one to trust, and a merciless hit man (Max von Sydow) close on his tail, Joe must somehow survive long enough to figure out why his own agency wants him dead.


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