John Green’s Paper Towns Release Date Delayed… Again!

We’re as dismayed as you are! But unfortunately the book to movie adaptation of Paper Towns has had it’s release date moved for a second time.

The first release date was 31st July 2015 before it was altered to 5th June 2015 but we can now confirm that the US will receive the movie on 24th July 2015 and the UK cinemas are scheduled an earlier date of  19th June 2015.

The reason for the move is unclear, however it means the movie will now compete with Hugh Jackman’s movie Pan in the box office! Let the battle commence!

There are not yet any trailers or stills of the movie, starring Cara Delevingne and directed by Jake Schreier but we’re looking forward to seeing this adaptation on the big screen!

In additional news, author of the book, John Green recently saw the movie and lets just say, he’s quite excited too!

New Picture


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