Sony Brings in David Koepp to Adapt Sylvain Neuvel’s Debut Sci-Fi Novel The Themis Files

themisScreenwriter and director David Koepp is set to adapt The Themis Files, a debut sci-fi novel from Sylvain Neuvel. Koepp is known for his work on Spider-man, Mission Impossible, Jurassic Park and more recently Mortdecai.

The novel revolves around a secret project to assemble the ancient body parts of a giant humanoid relic buried throughout the world by aliens. It’s discovered in the Black Hills of South Dakota, where a young girl named Rose Franklin falls into a huge hole and literally lands in the palm of a giant metal hand. The government swarms, but loses interest after failing to gain any military or technological secrets. By the time it’s demilitarized years later, that young girl is a physicist with the University of Chicago and she spearheads the building project after other body parts are discovered around the U.S. She tries all this covertly in an underground facility in Denver but when her project goes public, the paranoia and greed push mankind to the brink of world war, even as its researchers puzzle over whether they are reviving a weapon of mass destruction or something else.


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