Harry Potter Secrets to Be Revealed in J.K Rowling Bibliography.

The books and the films ended what seems like forever ago but the world of Harry Potter continues to go on and on and grow for dedicated fans and it will continue to do so as a bibliography of JK Rowling’s work reveals insider details about the loved series including why extensive edits to the Prisoner of Azkaban left the author “sick” of the novel, and how the manuscript of The Order of the Phoenix was handed over in a London pub, concealed in a plastic bag.

This bibliography is the result of five years work by Sotheby’s director for children’s books Philip Errington. He has spent the time compiling the 544-page JK Rowling: A Bibliography 1997-2013, a work described as ‘slavishly thorough and somewhat mind-boggling’.

Not only does the book give fans insider knowledge on the series but it will also lay to rest the rumours that have often plagued readers thoughts as well as revealing the juicy but stressed thoughts of JK Rowling when she put in each book for publishing, discovered when Errington dug through the Bloomsbury archives.

“Finally! I’ve read this book so much I’m sick of it, I never read either of the others over and over again when editing them, but I really had to this time,” writes Rowling in an undated letter to her editor Emma Matthewson about the Prisoner of Azkaban, quoted by Errington in his book. “If you think it needs more work, I’m willing and able, but I do think this draft represents an improvement on the first; the dementors are much more of a presence this time round, I think,” she adds.

You’ll have to read the book to find out Matthewson’s response but fortunately Rowling was less troubled by the changes made to the second book, The Chamber of Secrets…

Errington reveals; after Matthewson told Rowling the work was “absolutely brilliant”, adding “generally, as we’ve discussed, the manuscript is over-long”, Rowling returns it in October, writing “I’ve done more to it than you suggested, but I am very happy with it now, which wasn’t the case before. The hard work, the significant rewrites I wanted to do, are over, so if it needs more cuts after this, I’m ready to make them, speedily… ”

Also included in the book are the alternate names considered for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and an in depth look at the infamous handover of The Order of the Phoenix manuscript between Rowling’s agent and Bloomsbury chief executive Nigel Newton.

“So I drove to The Pelican, a pub off the Fulham Road not far from Stamford Bridge, in a state of high alert. And I went in and there was a massive Sainsbury’s plastic carrier bag at this feet … he said nothing about that and I said nothing and he just said ‘Drink?’ and I said, ‘a pint, please’. So we stood at the bar and drank our pints and said nothing about Harry Potter. But when we left I walked out with the carrier bag. It was a classic dead letter drop,”

Errington said the following about his bibliography publication:

“There is a lot of incorrect information out there and this is a chance to set the record straight with detailed research,” said Errington. “I’m very fortunate that Bloomsbury let me into their archives, and that I was able to interview key people. This could act as a map for the future … you can see how the Harry Potter series just took off.”

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