Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty Triloy to be Adapted for TV

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Writer-producer Thania St. John (Chicago Fire, Covert Affairs) will pen the adaptation of Anne Rice’s best-selling book series The Sleeping Beauty.

First published in 1983-85 as The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, Beauty’s Punishment and Beauty’s Release, the series is set in a medieval fantasy world. The books center on a young princess who, like Sleeping Beauty, is awakened from her long sleep — only in a more provocative fashion than in the fairy tale.

The controversial series — an underground cult hit that has gained new life thanks to Fifty Shades — is among the American Library Association’s list of 100 most frequently challenged books of the 1990s, and includes steamy and very detailed sex scenes.

Oscar-nominated Dallas Buyers Club producer Rachel Winter, a longtime fan of the novels, approached Rice about developing the book series for TV in 2012 and will executive produce alongside Rice. Endemol North America CEO Charlie Corwin and Jessica Matthews, former CAA motion picture lit agent turned producer, also will exec produce. Televisa USA managing director Paul Presburger will oversee.

“Thania’s voice resonates perfectly and will keep this story true to my original vision of this erotic, romantic and fun tale of dominance and submission,” Rice said.

Chris Philip, head of global production and distribution at Televisa USA, added: “Thania is the obvious choice to translate Anne’s brilliant works to television. She knows how to write for women and tell this compelling story, which couldn’t happen at a better time.”

Ryan Likes, Televisa USA COO, said: “Interest in this project is extremely high and, with Thania on board, we expect to be out in the marketplace with The Sleeping Beauty TV series within the next few months.”

In the traditional folktale of “Sleeping Beauty,” the spell cast upon the lovely young princess and everyone in her castle can only be broken by the kiss of a Prince. It is an ancient story, one that originally emerged from and still deeply disturbs the mind’s unconscious. In the first book of the trilogy, Anne Rice, writing as A.N. Roquelaure, retells the Beauty story and probes the unspoken implications of this lush, suggestive tale by exploring its undeniable connection to sexual desire. Here the Prince awakens Beauty, not with a kiss, but with sexual initiation. His reward for ending the hundred years of enchantment is Beauty’s complete and total enslavement to him . . . as Anne Rice explores the world of erotic yearning and fantasy in a classic that becomes, with her skillful pen, a compelling experience. Readers of Fifty Shades of Grey will indulge in Rice’s deft storytelling and imaginative eroticism, a sure-to-be classic for years to come.

Anne Rice casts her lurid gaze upon the the traditional tale of “Sleeping Beauty” under the pen name of A.N. Roquelaure. Her re-telling of the Beauty story probes the unspoken implications of this lush, suggestive tale by exploring its undeniable connection to sexual desire.


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