Children’s Book The Giant Under the Snow Gets a Director

51UKKSJoCHLFirst published in 1968, THE GIANT UNDER THE SNOW created a fascinating world of magic, ancient evil and curses long before Harry Potter and His Dark Materials.

Three children find an ornate Celtic buckle. To them it’s treasure, a fantastic find. They have no idea that it has awakened a giant who has lain at rest for centuries. Little do they know that an evil warlord and his Leathermen have also awaited this moment, this chance to wield their deadly power. In a chilling tale full of menace and suspense the final battle between good and evil must be fought.

Michael Caton-Jones is set to direct epic fantasy, which is budgeted at £20 million ($30.9 million).

‘Giant’ will be a live-action film with some CGI. Caton-Jones is developing the screenplay with Tom Williams (“Chalet Girl,” “Kajaki”), with shooting expected to start in October which could be in cinemas Christmas 2016.

The film, which will shoot at Pinewood and Shepperton studios and at U.K. locations, is produced by David Rogers, and Paul Tucker, who was Mel Gibson’s head of European production for 10 years, is an executive producer. Ralph Kamp’s Timeless Films is likely to board as sales agent.





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