Diane Kruger To Star In Robert Mazur’s The Infiltrator Adaptation

book-coverDiane Kruger is set to play the female lead opposite Bryan Cranston in the adaptation of Robert Mazur’s autobiography, The Infiltrator. Good Films Ltd bought the film rights for the thriller which will be directed by Brad Furman (The Lincoln Lawyer) and have a script written by Ellen Brown Furman.

The Infiltrator is a chilling tale of greed and deception that blurs the line between the financial markets and the underworld. The story of this undercover operation is one of the most celebrated stings in world history. The staged wedding of Bob Musella (undercover federal agent Robert Mazur) brought top players from Colombia’s mafia and their corrupt bankers to a trap, where their arrests shook the foundation of the drug world and ripped the mask off the world’s 7th largest privately held bank, exposing its role as the gatekeeper of fortunes for corrupt world leaders and criminal empires around the world.

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