Author Andrea Portes and Scriptwriter Joel Silverman’s Unusual Collaboration Continues

20877218Author Andrea Portes is not new to the book to screen adaptations game, her novel Hick already hit the big screens in 2011 starring Chloë Grace Moretz. Last summer her novel Anatomy of a Misfit was picked up by Paramount Studies and after the deal went through Portes set to work with scriptwriter Joel Silverman. Well Portes has done it again, this time with her young adult spy thriller, Liberty which was acquired last week by HarperCollins. Portes plans again for a collaboration between herself and Silverman with her writing the novel and him scripting the film with her help.

The protagonist is a brainy college student who is recruited by the government agency she has philosophically resented — the CIA. The agency offers an enticement she can’t resist, the eventual opportunity to work on the case of her parents, journalists who were kidnapped while covering the civil war in Libya. First, she is sent to study abroad in Russia and find an Edward Snowden-like spy, one whose principals she has always admired.


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