Movie Adaptation Funny Boys Is In the Works With Julian McMahon

9781433242120Julian McMahon and Charlie Loventhal are set to partner with Grey Eagle Films for a movie adaptation of author Warren Adler’s novel Funny Boys. Adler who is best known for his novel The War of the Roses has already been made into a film in 1989 as well as a play.

Mickey Fine is a young man with a future in comedy. Attracted to the applause of the crowd at a lavish hotel casino in the the Catskills he gets a job as a tumler – part entertainer/part host. But he is naive to the more sinister side of his audience. They are mobsters and power players of New York’s scandalous underbelly – men with whom Mickey had run-ins during his childhood. When Mutzie Feder, a gangster girlfriend who gets into the act with dreams of escaping her reality, sparks fly between her and Mickey. But as their circumstances start to catch up with them – and the body count starts mounting from the rough crowd they’re running with – Mickey and Mutzie start angling for a way out. That of course isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Source – Funny Boys

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