Kellan Lutz to Star in Adaptation of Alan Lee’s Sandstorm

4678e8f8af66e8b50931e92c5ed7d009A big screen adaptation of novel Sandstorm written by Alan Lee, a former longtime Detroit TV news anchor is slowly coming together and Kellan Lutz is to play lead role Alex Koves.

Lee said Lutz is just how he imagined his character. “He’s wonderful to work with, he’s so personable, he’s not what you would have as any typical Hollywood actor in your mind,” Lee said. “He is none of those things — he doesn’t seem to have an ego, he just is very easy to get along with. He’s very charitable and is giving, and things of that nature. I could not have asked for a better choice,

As a guy, I’m comfortable with saying this — he’s very easy on the eyes. That part I think he will definitely sell easily,” Lee said. “Almost at first sight you go, ‘this guy is perfect.‘”

A filming date for the project has not yet been released.


Source – Sandstorm

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