Image Comic Descender Aquired by Sony

Descender11-600x918Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen’s upcoming Image comic Descender has been aquired by Sony a month before the first edition has even be released!

Lemire is the creator of the acclaimed graphic novels Sweet Tooth and Essex County as well as having written for Marvel, DC, Dark Horse and Valiant. Nguyen has worked on American Vampire, Batman Eternal, Batman: Streets of Gotham, Detective Comics, and Batman: Li’l Gotham, which now has its own line of toys designed by the artist..

A sprawling, science-fiction space opera full of mystery and adventure, Descender is a rip-roaring, heart-felt cosmic odyssey about a little boy looking for home in a universe that hates and fears him. The incredibly lifelike artificial boy, TIM-21, may hold the secrets deep in his machine DNA to the origin of robots that have decimated entire planets. As a result, he is the most-wanted robot in the universe. Before long the entire galaxy is looking for TIM-21 and his rag-tag group of unlikely companions, as they make their way from one exotic planet to the next with new foes advancing on them at every turn.

For an interested Q&A with the creative team CLICK HERE

The 40 page first issue of the new Image series Descender arrives on March 4th, and here’s a first look at the cover of #1.


For more information go to Bleeding Cool.

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