Milla Jovovich to Star in Adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s Short Stories

Before he wrote Game of Thrones, George R.R. Martin published many other works, including four novels and several short stories.
Fans of the author will soon get to see three of those short stories on the big screen, condensed into a film that reportedly features Milla Jovovich.

The movie, In the Lost Lands, will be directed by German filmmaker Constantin Werner.

The Lonely Songs of Laren Dorr, In the Lost Lands and Bitterblooms have been woven together into a screenplay.

From George R. R, Martin,

Laren Dorr is the oldest of the tales, and probably counts as my first foray into high fantasy. It is a deeply romantic tale, a reworking of a character that I had originally five years earlier, for a story in a comic fanzine that never appeared. I had the notion that I would write a whole series of tales about Sharra, the girl who goes between the worlds. Never got around to that, alas, but in 1992 I revived the concept for another dangerous young woman with the same power — Cat, heroine of my failed ABC pilot DOORWAYS.

In the Lost Lands was supposed to launch a series as well. I had in mind a series of loosely connected tales about the enigmatic witch woman Gray Alys, and those who were brave or foolish or desperate enough to treat with her. But I never wrote that second story.

Bitterblooms was science fiction rather than fantasy, set on a distant planet in the far far future, and part of my Thousand Worlds sequence… albeit somewhat tangentially. There is a starship in the story, but it’s a derelict, no longer capable of flight. The setting is a world locked in the grip of a deep winter, a winter that lasts for years.

2288576Jovovich will play sorceress Gray Alys from the first story, hired by a queen to travel into the Lost Lands to obtain the ability to shape-shift into a werewolf.
The other two stories feature a female warrior who must fight a dragon in order to reunite with her lost lover, and a young barbarian girl enchanted by a witch in a spacecraft.

This is the first time that Martin’s work has been adapted for the big screen outside of HBO and Sky Atlantic’s Game of Thrones.

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