Watch Out for Shaun in the City

In 2015, Aardman’s internationally-acclaimed character Shaun the Sheep will appear in two ewe-nique arts trails! Over 100 giant sculptures of Shaun the Sheep created by artists, celebrities and designers will be placed in iconic locations and beautiful green spaces across London and Bristol.

Shaun in the City will be appearing in London in spring and flocking to Bristol in summer, before both flocks go to auction to raise money for sick children in hospitals across the UK.
The London trail will take place from Saturday 28th March to Monday 25th May, and the Bristol trail from Monday 6th July to Monday 31st August.

Shaun the Sheep: The Movie
is in cinemas next month,

busposterShaun in the City is brought to you by the team that created the award-winning ‘Gromit Unleashed’ which saw Aardman’s loveable canine sidekick Gromit raise £2.3 million for Bristol Children’s Hospital.

down on Mossy Bottom farm, Shaun leads his rambunctious flock in a convoluted plan to outwit martinet sheepdog Bitzer and keep Farmer asleep and thereby earn a day off. However, their manoeuverings have more-serious-than-intended consequences when Farmer gets a clunk on the head, and ends up an amnesiac in the Big City – prompting Shaun and chums to follow his trail (through a fancy restaurant, a chi-chi hairdresser’s, and the world’s most fearsome dog pound) in order to restore balance and harmony to the world.

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