BBC’s Atlantis Will Not Return for a Third Series

6733522-low_res-Fans of the BBC show Atlantis will be sad to know that it will not be returning for a 3rd series.

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy, a BBC spokesperson said: “The final seven episodes of Atlantis will transmit on BBC One in spring. We would like to thank Urban Myth Films and all the cast and crew but the series will not be re-commissioned.

“We are very proud of both series but to keep increasing the range of BBC One drama we have to make difficult decisions to bring new shows through.”

The second series of Atlantis is comprised of 13 episodes – the first six aired late last year before the show went on hiatus, while an exact date for the final seven is yet to be confirmed.

The series, inspired by ancient Greek myths, starred Jack Donnelly as Jason, Mark Addy as Hercules and Robert Emms as Pythagoras. It was devised by Merlin’s Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy and Misfits creator Howard Overman.

Digital Spy

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  1. avatarRoger Shotton

    The BBC are paid enough by me and other licence fee payers it is an absolute disgrace that they are not
    producing more Atlantis series. I like all the other
    viewers of this brilliant programme demand to know why
    they are doing this. Perhaps the government are correct
    it is time that the BBC was scrapped.


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