Idris Elba Developing ‘Poe Must Die’ Adaptation

Actor Idris Elba is set to develop a big screen adaptation of Marc Olden’s 1978 novel Poe Must Die.

The Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom star’s project will be set in New York in the 1840s and will centre on author Edgar Allen Poe’s fictitious battle against evil while joining forces with a fighter searching for a sorcerer who murdered his wife, according to

Elba is looking to develop the project into a trilogy, but it is unknown if he will star in the film and when production will start.

2519967A Satanist threatens the planet, and only Poe has the imagination to stop him.
It is said that beneath Solomon’s glorious throne, books were buried that gave the fabled king control over life, death, and demonic power. The throne has been lost for millennia, but now one man seeks to find it, and harness its secrets to unleash hell upon the world. Jonathan is the most powerful psychic on earth, and in service of his god Lucifer he will tear civilization apart. To combat his dark designs, mankind’s hopes rest on a half-mad alcoholic named Edgar Allan Poe.
In the shadows of New York City, Poe drowns his talent in rotgut gin, trying to forget the death of his beloved wife. A bare-knuckle fighter named Pierce James Figg arrives with a letter of introduction from Charles Dickens, to beg Poe’s help chasing down the power-mad devil worshiper. Writer and fighter will stand together, to save humanity from a darkness beyond even Poe’s tortured imagination.

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