Bruce Willis is Developing the Adaptation of Elmore Leonard’s ‘Bandits’

The Elmore Leonard novel Bandits is finally getting its movie closeup.
Bruce Willis is the driving force behind this one, and he will play the lead role in an ensemble drama that will be scripted by Mitch Glazer.

It’s the second time for Willis and Bandits, which he optioned when it was published in 1987.
After Willis let the rights lapse, Bandits was one of the four Leonard titles that were once acquired by Quentin Tarantino, who let the others go after he turned Leonard’s Rum Punch into Jackie Brown.

banditsThe tale is a black comedy that is set in New Orleans and Willis will play Jack Delaney, an ex-con who is struggling to stay on the straight path as he dresses up corpses as a mortician in his brother’s funeral home. Things get much more exciting for him when he meets a gorgeous lapsed nun who is just back from Nicaragua where she took care of lepers and tried to keep the contras from hacking them up with machetes. She wants to smuggle a beautiful young Nicaraguan woman – who contracted leprosy–because the woman’s ex-lover, a Somoza-type colonel, wants to kill her for possibly infecting him. That same guy is raising millions from rich Americans to take back to the contras and the bored mortician finds his own cause, stiffing the colonel and getting away with a fortune with the help of the nun and an ex-cop.

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