Anthony Hopkins and Ian McKellen’s Movie ‘The Dresser’ Picked Up by American TV Channels

The Starz network has partnered with frequent collaborator the BBC on the broadcaster’s production of The Dresser starring Anthony Hopkins and Ian McKellen.
A TV adaptation of Ronald Harwood’s play, the project stars Hopkins as an ailing actor and McKellen as his devoted backstage hand and dresser.
It is set against the backdrop of World War II and inspired by Harwood’s experiences as a dresser for the distinguished British actor/manager Sir Donald Wolfit.

From the 1983 movie,
51786E7ZKrLDuring World War II, an embittered actor known to others as Sir (Albert Finney) is well past his prime. Formerly a renowned performer, Sir must now settle for leading a shoddy troupe of aged actors and army rejects in performances of Shakespeare’s greatest plays. His anxiety, regret and age begin to get the better of him, and his work starts to suffer. Only Norman (Tom Courtenay), a timid set dresser who is unfailingly devoted to Sir, can hold the show together as it threatens to collapse.

Production on the show, which will air on BBC2 in the UK, will begin in London this year with Starz retaining all US multiplatform pay TV rights as well as worldwide multiplatform distribution rights.
The BBC will retain UK rights.

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