Hailee Steinfeld to Star in the Adaptation of ‘Carrie Pilby’

Hailee Steinfeld will star in Carrie Pilby, the film adaptation of the coming-of-age novel by Caren Lissner.
Susan Johnson will direct the independent movie, which centres on a 19-year-old genius who has just graduated from Harvard and has no idea how to fit in or socialize in life outside college.

Steinfeld has become a force since her breakout performance in 2010’s True Grit, starring in Ender’s Game, Romeo & Juliet and The Homesman.
Her upcoming films include indie action-comedy Barely Lethal, musical sequel Pitch Perfect 2 and Term Life.

Suzanne Farwell, a longtime producer of Nancy Meyers’ films, originally found and fell in love with the book and is producing Carrie Pilby, which is aiming to shoot around May of this year.
Kara Holden wrote the script, with Dean Craig working on later drafts.
Susan Cartsonis will executive produce.
Lissner has also been very involved in the development of the script as the filmmakers hope to stay loyal to fans of the popular YA book, which explores the life and love challenges of entering the adult world, and the universal desire to be accepted — all through the thoughts of a very interesting and unique main character.

7807248Teen Genius (and Hermit) Carrie Pilby’s To-Do List:
1. List 10 things you love (and DO THEM!)
2. Join a club (and TALK TO PEOPLE!)
3. Go on a date (with someone you actually LIKE!)
4. Tell someone you care (your therapist DOESN’T COUNT!)
5. Celebrate New Year’s (with OTHER PEOPLE!)

Seriously? Carrie would rather stay in bed than deal with the immoral, sex-obsessed hypocrites who seem to overrun her hometown, New York City. She’s sick of trying to be like everybody else. She isn’t! But when her own therapist gives her a five-point plan to change her social-outcast status, Carrie takes a hard look at herself and agrees to try.

Suddenly the world doesn’t seem so bad. But is prodigy Carrie really going to dumb things down just to fit in?

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