The Shining Inspired Hotel Asks Fans to Help Design Maze in Homage to the Kubrick Horror Classic

If you’re a horror fan then you’re bound to remember the legendary movie ‘The Shining’. On the assumption of this, they also know of the historic Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. It’s this hotel that inspired Stephen King to pen the novel after a visit there with his wife as well as the hotel becoming inspiration for the movie despite not actually being filmed there.

To celebrate 20 years of new management, the hotel has announced a unique and once in a life time competition which we’re sure will attract artists and movie buffs!


Amateur and professional designers have been called upon to design a 61,500 sq foot hedge maze, as seen in several of the film’s pivotal scenes, to serve as an homage to the horror classic.

‘There are few hotels in the world that share a history and story as unique as that of the Stanley Hotel,’ said John W. Cullen, owner of the property.

‘I am thrilled to share this special moment in my life and the hotel’s history.

‘We have built this place together over the years and I’m excited to invite everyone to be a part of its legacy through this special design contest.’

The maze will be comprised of 1,600 to 2,000 Alpine Currant hedge bushes and will be featured prominently on the hotel’s picturesque front lawn. The grand opening of the maze will

take place on the opening night of the 3rd annual Stanley Film Festival on April 30, 2015, following the selection of the winning design by a special panel of Estes Park residents, Stanley Hotel employees and film festival staff.

Winner will have their name placed on a recognition placard in the centre of the maze.

Interested? Well more information, as well as requirements and guidelines, are available on the hotel website. All designs must be submitted by midnight on January 31, 2015.


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